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Analysis of TSA Claims – Less than Expected

As I continue on my journey as an analyst, I keep running across interesting datasets. Over the last few weeks, I have been interested in various datasets around flying. So far I have found TSA claims from the past fifteen years and the number of passengers that have flown in the United States. Starting with […]

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Driving Sucks on Thursdays – Analysis of my Commute

I have been commuting through downtown LA for the last 6 months and have noticed some strange phenomenon over the weeks. Consistently I have found some days worse than others. Google Maps is one of my favorite applications and if I had to give up every app but one, I would save Google Maps. This […]

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What 9 Million Parking Tickets Says About Los Angeles

Over the last 4 years the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has given out 655 million dollars worth of parking tickets. As a resident of Southern California, I am all too familiar with walking out to my car after running inside real quick to grab my hat and finding that dreaded sun-faded white and yellow […]

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